Digimon: The Movie

This 2000 movie was the introduction of the Digital Monster franchise to the American big screen. The movie covers a time span of eight Tai and Kari Kamiya’s experiences with the DigiDestined and the Digital World. The Digimon are phoenix style creatures that fight the forces of evil. The humans that are the DigiDestined, or chosen children, have Digivices to help the creatures evolve to be able to fight the evil Digimon. The Digimon are made up of data, so they don’t die, just reconfigure. They can only Digivolve if certain items are found by the DigiDestined.

The American “Digimon: The Movie” was a combination of three Japanese Digimon shorts that had been directed by Mamoru Hosoda and Shigeyasu Yamauchi. Jeff Nimoy and Bob Buchholz adapted the American screenplay from the concept work of concept creator Akiyoshi Hongo and original writer Reiko Yoshida. Twentieth Century Fox produced the American version of the Japanese Toei Company’s work. The entire Digimon world is owned by Bandai.

Kari, voiced by Lara Jill Miller, narrates the entire movie. In the beginning, Kari and Tai, voiced by Joshua Seth, have a Digi-Egg emerge from their computer. It becomes various Digimon as it evolves and even accidentally causes destruction. Soon, though, an evil Parrotmon appears and there is a battle. Good defeats evil and then the Digimon disappear.

Four years later, computer expert and DigiDestined Izzy, voiced by Mona Marshall, finds an evil Digimon that is spreading a computer virus. He goes to Tai and they have to find other DigiDestined to fight this new threat. In the final fight with this evil, one of the good Digimon is infected. Flash forward four years, Kari and T.K., a DigiDestined, are visiting another DigiDestined by the name of Mimi in New York. They see the corrupted Digimon, now called Wendigomon. They have to get the rest of the DigiDestined and band together to fight the evil again.

| 1999 | 1 hr 30 min | 6.0/10 | 20/100
Lara Jill Miller, Joshua Seth, Bob Papenbrook, David Lodge
20th Century Fox
Mamoru Hosada, Mamoru Hosoda
Digimon: The Movie
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Digimon The Movie Trailer (Widescreen)|1:54
Digimon The Movie Trailer (Widescreen)|1:54
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