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Owen (Luke Benward) is a regular 12-year-old boy who is bullied so often by his schoolmates that he has built himself a hideaway in the mountains to stay safe. Somehow, Owen unknowingly finds himself in the middle of a jewel heist and must make a decision as to whether he is strong enough to be someone's hero. Blackie (French Stewart) is a notorious jewel thief, and his latest coo involves a diamond collar. Disguising himself as a blind nun with a Seeing Eye dog (and a sparkling collar), he waits patiently at the Cedarville Airport for his two accomplices, Bud and Arty (played by Kevin Farley and Kelly Perine, respectively) to pick him up. His disguise is convincing enough, as his dim-witted sidekicks do not even recognize him when they arrive.

Later, they run into Owen when they happen on a rest stop nearby to clean up. Owen is bothered by Bud and Arty's incessant teasing of the dog, and it is apparent to him that the dog does not like it either. Owen bonds with the animal and later runs into it when the animal escapes its captors and makes a run for it into the woods. When he finds the dog, he takes it to his hiding place on the mountaintop. He has built a secret fort and booby trapped it to keep the local bullies from tormenting him. He names the dog "Diamond" since her collar sparkles and shines like diamonds.

The crooks attempt to outwit Owen and his booby-trapped fort but find that Owen isn't the only obstacle on the mountaintop. Local legend claims that a scary old man called "The Madman of the Mountain" also resides in the terrain. Still, they won't give up easily, and it is up to Owen to keep his new friend (and himself) from harm's way. He bravely takes on the task of being hero and protecting them from the nefarious crew.

| 2008 | 1 hr 48 min | 4.9/10
Luke Benward, French Stewart, Kelly Perine, Kevin P. Farley
Screen Media
Mark Stouffer
Dog Gone

Also directed by Mark Stouffer

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Trailer Dog Gone (2008) - 2m36s -|2:37
Trailer Dog Gone (2008) - 2m36s -|2:37

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