Dragon Gate Inn

Zhao, the Emperor's first eunuch, has successfully bested General Yu, his political opponent. The General was beheaded but his remaining children have been exiled out of China. As the children are being escorted to the western border of the Chinese empire, Zhao plots to have the children killed. Zhao's secret police lay in ambush at the desolate Dragon Gate Inn. Kung Fu expert Xiao shows up at the inn, wanting to meet the innkeeper. Unknown to the secret police is that the innkeeper, Wu Ming, was one of the General's lieutenants and has summoned Xiao to help the children. A brother-sister martial-artist team (children of another Yu lieutenant) also show up to help. These four race to find Yu's children and lead them to safety.
[edit] Cast

Polly Shang-Kwan (Shang-Kwan Ling Feng) - Miss Chu Huei
Hsu Feng - Yu Chien's daughter
Shih Chun - Hsiao Shao Tzu
Pai Ying - Tsao Shao Chin
Cho Kin - General Wu Ming
Han Ying Chieh
Sit Hon
Go Ming
Got Siu Bo

1971 | 3 hr 20 min | 7.5/10
Dragon Gate Inn

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