Duel of the Titans

"The Legendary Conflict of Mankind's Mightiest Mortals!"

Steve Reeves the bodybuilder, and Gordon Scott the heartthrob, are Remus and Romulus the mythic founders of the great Roman civilization. These twin brothers are struck with the desire to assist their kin in a deadly battle against tribal tyranny. They stop at nothing to ensure their people are freed of ancient laws and myth. The twin's fateful efforts are awe-inspiring to the known world, but inevitably form a type of civilization and political climate that thrusts a more horrible tyranny on humankind. The nation city called Rome emerges from the lusts and fantasies of two idealistic brothers.

| 1961 | 1 hr 48 min | 6.0/10
Steve Reeves, Gordon Scott, Virna Lisi, Franco Volpi
Sergio Corbucci
Duel of the Titans
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