Ek Din Achanak

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Ek Din Achanak is a story filled with mystery and suspense revolving around an event that happened on a rainy day. The movie begins with a professor disappearing when he went out for a walk. The movie is all about the professor's family and how to they unite to find the details that the professor has left behind. The professor's family including his wife, a son who is a successful businessman, a college going daughter and a working daughter strive hard to find the truth behind his disappearance. This suspense filled story leads to clues after clues which explains more about what the professor was up to.

1989 | 1 hr 45 min | 6.9/10
Shabana Azmi, Shreeram Lagoo, Aparna Sen, Uttara Baokar
Mrinal Sen
Ek Din Achanak
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