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"As darkness falls, the last dragon will choose its rider."

Based on a book having the same name, Eragon is an action, fantasy, and adventure movie that was launched in 2006. The movie cast includes Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich, and Garrett Hedlund. Rachel Weisz voices the dragon, Saphira. The plot starts with Eragon, a 15-year old boy who farms and lives in a poor village of Carvahall in the fictional place of Alagaesia. In the start of the movie, Arya, a princess of another town in Alagaesia, is seen fleeing for her life with a stolen rock-like object, which is later revealed to be a dragon egg. Arya stole it from the cruel king, Galbatorix. But before Arya is able to escape, she is encased in a ring of fire made by Durza, a dark sorcerer or shade.

Before Durza or Galbatorix can retrieve the dragon egg, she casts a spell that sends it somewhere she hopes the evil king will never find it. Meanwhile, as Eragon is hunting, he finds the massive, blue dragon egg, the one that Arya cast away from the evil king. Eventually, the egg hatches a blue dragon.

As the dragon and Eragon connect, a nearby dragon rider named Brom, whose dragon has been recently killed, is awakened from his slumber by the force of the connection. Eragon, fascinated by the creature, decides to keep it safe and hidden from other people. He takes care of the baby dragon while it slowly grows bigger and stronger. Over time, the dragon learns to breathe fire and soar to the skies in graceful and devastating speeds.

Learning the news of the dragon and its dragon rider, the evil king immediately sends his minions called Ra'zac to hunt down Eragon and the dragon. In the storyline, it is revealed that Galbatorix had all dragon riders killed because he wants to be the only one who can do so.

Eragon's dragon quickly grows and strengthens. Soon, Eragon and the dragon is able to connect through their thoughts and hear each other's minds. Now able to communicate, the dragon reveals her real name - Saphira. But while they were away, the Ra'zac sent by the evil king to hunt down Eragon and Saphira pillaged through the village, killing many people. Upon hearing this news, Eragon runs back to his house to warn and safeguard his uncle, but Eragon arrived too late. He finds his uncle dead. Due to his anger, Eragon blames Saphira and sends her away.

| 2005 | 2 hr 40 min | 5.1/10
Stefen Fangmeier

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