Evil Dead 2

Evil Dead 2 continues where the first left off. Ash's girlfriend is dead and dismembered; finally the spirit has left her body. The demon is still loose, although and doing its damage in the body of Ash. No longer able to leave the cabin by way of the nearby bridge (the bridge has been demolished since the possession), Ash battles with the demon, even cutting off his own hand, which has also become possessed as well.

When the professor and his daughter return to the cabin, they find Ash fighting with a force that is way too hard to reckon with. The spirit jumps from body to body destroying lives at random.

Evil Dead 2 takes the Evil Dead saga to all new levels with this fast-paced sequel of gore, violence and deep rooted evil. New levels of strange and supernatural happenings take Ash on a journey that will possibly drive him insane.

| 1987 | 1 hr 24 min | 7.8/10
Evil Dead 2

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