Fate Is the Hunter

"He played with death to prove a theory"

Fate is the Hunter is a movie about an airplane crash, and the movie hinges around the crash investigation. Captain Jack Savage radioed about an engine problem shortly after takeoff. Before the runway could be cleared to allow a landing, the plane crashed. Captain Savage attempted to land the plane on the beach, but the plane crashed into a pier.

Since the plane crashed under questionable circumstances, the lone survivor was considered the key to the investigation of the cause for the crash. Martha White, a flight attendant was the survivor. She is devastated not understanding why she was able to survive, when everyone else aboard the plane perished.

Martha was in the cockpit serving coffee during the crash communication. Questions arose as to why the left engine could not keep the plane in the air. Martha was interviewed as to what she had seen.

Sam McBane is the airline official investigating the crash; he is also a friend of the pilot, and hopes to prove that his friend is not at fault. As she told her story to McBane, Martha said the left engine signal indicated that it was on fire. McBane's inspection revealed that the engine did not catch on fire. He thought Martha might be trying to protect the pilot. Rumors were circulating that the pilot may have been drinking before he boarded the flight. McBane was convinced of his friend's innocence and hoping to find facts to prove it.

McBane decided to set up a reenactment of the tragic flight. He shuts the right engine switch off, and as he does the coffee Martha was serving the crew spills down into the control panel. A few seconds later, the left engine signal indicates an engine fire. After the control panel is pried open, it can be seen that the coffee caused a short which created the faulty signal. The reenactment showed that Captain Savage was innocent of any wrongdoing.

1964 | 1 hr 46 min | 7.1/10
Glenn Ford, Nancy Kwan, Rod Taylor, Suzanne Pleshette
Fate Is the Hunter
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Fate is the Hunter 1964 Trailer|3:29
Fate is the Hunter 1964 Trailer|3:29
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