Final Analysis

"Someone was seduced. Someone was set up. and before it was all over... someone was dead."

Barr, one of the best psychiatrists, shows great interest in the sister of a continual client. There is a problem with this picture: this client's cousin has a husband, and her husband is one of the worst men in the city. He hangs with people that commit crimes. The client's cousin hates her husband but she knows she will never be able to leave him or she will die. She is extremely afraid.

Soon enough, the cousin's husband shows up dead and all of the evidence points to his wife. She declares that she does not know anything about the murder. Now, the cousin's testimony is not looking too strong, so Barr has to use his knowledge of psychology to get the woman he loves off of the hook.

| 1992 | 2 hr 4 min | 5.8/10
Phil Joanou
Final Analysis

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