Whip Whitaker is a commercial airline pilot with serious substance abuse issues. For most of his waning career as a pilot, he's been able to fly without problems, under the radar and with no disciplinary issues. His luck runs out when a mechanical malfunction during one of his routine domestic flights results in a disastrous scenario. Miraculously, Whip pulls off an against-all-odds crash landing, flipping the plane upside down in order to stabilize it, and saves the majority of the crew and passengers. At first, Whip is heralded as a hero, but when the investigation reveals Whip's darkest secrets, the world is suddenly against him, faulting the 'drugged-out, washed-up pilot' for the accident and the loss of life. Whip must rise up and seek redemption amidst a sea of accusations and media scapegoating.

| 2012 | 2 hr 18 min | 7.3/10

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