Fore Play

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Fore Play is a comedy farce movie that was written by Bruce Jay Friedman, Dan Greenburg, David Odell and Jack Richardson. The Troma Entertainment film was co-directed by John G. Avildsen, Bruce Malmuth and Robert McCarty. The movie features Zero Mostel, Estelle Parsons, Pat Paulsen, Jerry Orbach and George S. Irving. The movie follows three different stories led by wacky professor (played by Irwin Corey) who is concerned with the motion picture rating system. The first story concerns the lonely Norman (played by Pat Paulsen) desperately seeking female companionship. After all of his attempts fail, he finds solace with a large novelty doll (played by Deborah Loomis. The salesman (played by Paul Dooley) says that the doll is lifelike in every way. However, he learns that she would like to have a serious relationship.

The next vignette features a writer, Jerry Lorsey (played by Jerry Orbach) who has writer’s block and is stuck on a word. He calls on a muse (played by George S. Irving) to help get him past thinking about the word vortex. The muse believes the block could be caused by failed sexual conquests. The pair time travel back to his junior high days where he unsuccessfully tries to seduce a girl who has a time fetish. However, it does not work. The writer is then assaulted by a girl he knew long ago who is having similar issues. They could fix the problem if they work together.

The last story involves the President of the United States (played by Zero Mostel) and his daughter. She has been kidnapped by a mob boss (played by Mostel) who demands that he make love to his wife (played by Estelle Parsons) on national television. He decides to do it to save his daughter. However, he is impotent. It is unclear how he will get out of this predicament, given his physical problem.

The professor host explains that these scenarios affect how the film rating system is structured.

| 1975 | 1 hr 15 min | 3.9/10
Irwin Corey, Pat Paulsen, Deborah Loomis, Sudie Bond
John G. Avildsen, Bruce Malmuth, Robert McCarty
Produced By
Carl Gurevich, Benni Korzen
Fore Play
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