In the movie Gigli the title role, played by Ben Affleck, refers to low ranking hit man named Larry Gigli. He is tasked with the job of kidnapping the mentally challenged brother of a powerful federal prosecutor in order to save Starkman, a New York mob boss, from prison. Gigli successfully kidnaps Brian, the younger brother, but then is sent a partner by his boss because his boss worries that Gigli will bumble this very important task. A female assassin by the name of Ricki, played by Jennifer Lopez, is sent in to oversee the operation. Gigli is initially attracted to Ricki despite the fact that he resents her being there and also despite the fact that she proclaims to be a lesbian.

Together, the two would-be kidnappers negotiate a series of madcap events in an attempt to please their boss but spare Brian, whom they’ve both grown to like, from harm. In the midst of this, a tentative romance blossoms and tough decisions loom ahead for the couple.

Written and directed by Martin Brest, this romantic comedy is rated R for mature themes and language.

| 2003 | 2 hr 1 min | 2.4/10
Martin Brest

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