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Hitchcock (2012) ?t?rring Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirr?n, S??rl?tt J?h?n???n, D?nn? Huston, Toni C?ll?tt?, Mi?h??l Stuhlbarg, Mi?h??l Wincott and Jessica Biel. Hitchcock is a film about the r?m?n?? of ?r?min?nt filmm?k?r Alfred Hitchcock and ???u?? Alm? R?vill? throughout th? shooting of P???h? in 1959. At th? f??ilit? ?f it ?ll, Hitchcock concentrates on hi? relationship with hi? wife, a ??rtn?r?hi? th?t h?m?rrh?g?? in to hi? professional lif? ?? Alm? would ??rt?inl? reword Hit?h'? m?nu??ri?t? (t??i??ll? with?ut ?r?dit) and, in th? ???? ?f P???h?, ??ti?n in with in?tru?ti?n? when Hit?h w?uld ??rt?inl? dr?? ill, n?t t? forget th?? spent all they n??d?d t? fin?n?? the film th?m??lv??. Operating in such close distance with her husband would certainly allow her to see his transgressions and dubious habits around his leading women. T? ??m? to be a Hit?h???k bl?nd? ?ugg??t?d greater th?n a fun?ti?n in a m?vi? ?nd we ??? both edges ?f the f?rmul? b?l?w in both J?n?t Leigh, ?l???d by S??rl?tt J?h?n???n, ?nd Vera Miles, ?l???d by Jessica Bi?l.

Alfr?d'? spouse ?nd ?r??tiv? collaborator, Alm?, i? not passionate about all the aspects of the Psycho film, ????ifi??ll? b???u?? ?h? i? b?ing pushed b? th?ir ?uth?r ??l, Whitfi?ld Cook, to l??k at hi? very ?wn screenplay. Sh? w?rm? u? to Alfred's proposal, r???mm?nding the cutting-edge story turn ?f wi?ing out th? w?m?n l??d ??rl? in th? m?vi?. Th? ?tudi? heads v?rif? h?rd?r t? encourage, f?r?ing Alfr?d to fund th? m?vi? ??r??n?ll? and u?? hi? Alfr?d Hitchcock Presents t?l?vi?i?n ?t?ff t? create th? m?vi?.

In ??it? ?f this strain, Alma's l???lt? is such that ?h? ??r??n?ll? manages ?r?du?ti?n ?f hi? m?vi? wh?n Alfr?d i? bri?fl? b?dridd?n ?ft?r f?lling down fr?m ?v?rw?rk. In ??it? of this, Alfred ultimately ??nfr?nt? Alma about her interaction with Whitfield ?nd ???u??s her ?f ?dult?r?. Alma ?ngril? d?ni?? it ?nd th?ir m?rtial relationship i? severly ?h?k?n.

| 2012 | 1 hr 38 min | 6.8/10 | 55/100
Anthony Hopkins, Helen Mirren, Scarlett Johansson, Danny Huston
The Montecito Picture Company, Cold Spring Pictures
Sacha Gervasi

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HITCHCOCK: Official Trailer|2:39
HITCHCOCK: Official Trailer|2:39

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