In the Army Now

"Sleep tight, America! The safety of the free world rests in his hands!"

In the Army Now is a comedy set during the mid-90s, starring Pauly Shore and Andy Dick. Playing the parts of two best friends and slackers, "Bones" and Jack (respectively) they decide to join the Army Reserves after being fired from their jobs at an electronics store. They choose to be trained for water purification duty, which they believe will be both an easy assignment and spare them from deployment. They train with two other candidates; a cowardly dental student named Fred and the tough-as-nails Christine, who chose the training because water purifiers are actually high in demand on the field.

Almost immediately after completing training, the four are sent to a war zone in the Middle East. Though they don't fit in with the rest of the soldiers, but when the going gets tough, this group of ragtag reservists is truly put to the test.

| 1994 | 1 hr 31 min | 4.8/10
Daniel Petrie Jr., Daniel Petrie Jr
In the Army Now

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