"A story of a young, but never founded family."

Grove is a museum director who takes great pride in the amazing artifacts housed within his building. One day, Grove and his assistant Primm are called to the museum to investigate a fire that has burned down the entire museum. The only piece that is still left seemingly untouched is a statue. After staring at the statue trying to determine how it could possible have withstood the fire, Grove is hurt. It turns out that the statue is a cursed figure. It was created by a Jewish rabbi in the 1500s, and it contains an incredible power that kills those who stare at it. Now the authorities are after a way to contain the power of the statue.

1966 | 1 hr 37 min | 7.1/10
Sabine Sinjen, Bruno Dietrich, Horst Manfred Adloff, Bernhard Minetti
Seven Arts Productions; Distributor: Warner Bros (as Warner Bros-Seven Arts)
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