Judith is a drama directed by Daniel Mann, features Sophia Loren, and produced by Kurt Unger. The film is set in Palestine right before the end of its occupation by the OETA (Occupied Enemy Territory Administration) and begins when the paramilitary group, Haganah, learns of a former Nazi tank commander, Gen. Gustav Schiller's education of Arabs in combat tactics. While the group is unable to locate General Schiller, it uncovers that his former wife, a Jew woman named Judith Auerbach Schiller, was to be smuggled into Palestine from Haifa. Once she arrives, Judith is placed within the care of Haganah commander, Aaron Stein, as a farmer.

Schiller left his wife during the war, keeping their son. Judith was then sent to Dachau, relegated to sexual molestation by German officers. Judith doesn't take to farming well, nor is she able to share anything about the General. While Stein hopes she identify the man, he recommends she ask army Major Lawton for help. Judith heads to Haifa to beg him for Schiller's file, where it is eventually revealed that he was last spotted in Damascus.

Judith Schiller, Aaron Stein, and another individual are smuggled into Damascus, Syria where they eventually encounter General Schiller. Right before the General is to be captured and taken in, Judith injures her former husband with a firearm. General Schiller is smuggled into Palestine, where he is constantly questioned, yet refuses to yield even a scrap of information. The general is eventually left with Judith and pleads for mercy. When the farm is attacked by the Arab forces that General Schiller educated, he explains his battle plans and further tells Judith that he is aware of where their son is in the world now. However, the general's chamber is bombed, leaving Judith to beg the answer from her dying ex-husband's lips.

| 1966 | 1 hr 49 min | 5.7/10
Sophia Loren, Peter Finch, Jack Hawkins, Hans Verner
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