Jungle Book

This movie is an animated Walt Disney classic film inspired by Rudyard Kipling's book about Mowgli, a wild boy who lives in the jungles of India. The story begins when a black panther, named Bagherra, hears a baby crying and discovers what he recognizes is a man cub. He decides to take the baby to a wolf mother who has just had cubs. He knows the baby will die without a mother to nourish and take care him. The wolf family falls in love with the man cub and raise him as their son. Bagherra comes to see the boy regular to make sure he is all right.

When Mowgli is about ten years old, the wolf pack decides that he has to leave the pack. They have heard that Shere Khan the tiger is in the area and will kill Mowgli and anyone who protects him because he hates all men. Bagherra volunteers to take the boy to the man village where he will be safe. He takes Mowgli for a walk and explains about Sher Khan and the danger but Mowgli is not afraid and does not want to leave the Jungle. They leave for the man village and as they are trying to sleep in a tree a Python named Kaa hypnotized Mowgli and is about to eat him when Bagherra sees what is happening and saves the boy. They fall asleep and wake up to elephants marching through the jungle on patrol. Mowgli tries to join them but gets rejected because he is not an elephant.

Bagherra and Mowgli have a fight because the man cub wants to stay in the jungle. The panther tells Mowgli he is on his own and leaves. Mowgli soon meets Ballo the bear who teaches him how to relax and enjoy life. He tells Mowgli he can stay with him in the jungle. They laugh, sing, and dance until Ballo gets tricked by a bunch of monkeys who kidnap Mowgli. Their leader, King Louie wants Mowgli to teach him how to make fire in exchange for permission to stay in the jungle. Mowgli does not know how because he was not raised by man. Ballo and Bagherra rescue him from the monkeys. After putting him to bed Bagherra makes Ballo realize the only way to keep the boy safe is to take him to the man village.

When Ballo tries to take him there, Mowgli gets mad and runs away. He meets a bunch of vultures and gets spotted by Khan the Tiger. Just as Khan is about to eat the boy Ballo and Bagherra arrive to rescue him. Ballo gets injured in the fight. It is storming and lightning catches a tree on fire. Mowgli grabs a flaming torch and scares off the tiger.

The panther and bear deliver an unwilling Mowgli to the man village. Mowgli sees a girl his age getting water and wants to stay in the village.

1995 | 48 min
Tony Ail, Nathan Aswell and Chera Bailey
Jungle Book
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Also directed by Toshiyuki Hiruma, Takashi

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