Kaadhal Kavithai

This beautifully made motion picture tells the tale of a young man who is generally regarded as a prankster, but harbors a passionate heart as well. Vishva is a man who enjoys life, especially the company of his friends. His number one goal in life is to achieve laughter from those closest to him. During a recent trip to London, England, Vishva makes it a point to visit someone whom he has admired greatly in the past, Princess Diana. While visiting her grave site, he leaves a moving poem. Little does Vishva know that the girl of his dreams is about to read the poem and desire that the two find each other.

1999 | 2 hr 20 min
PrashanthIsha Koppikar, Kasthuri, Manivannan, Charlie, Ambika, Karan
Kaadhal Kavithai
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