Kaal portrays the life of four poverty stricken women who are caught in the loophole of human trafficking. They are tempted by a disguised pimp who promises them wonderful jobs in metropolitan cities. Instead of getting decent jobs they end up in the filthy trade of human trafficking. They are shunned by their family members and are forced to hide their names.

The original plot unfurls when the women surrender to sex trade in order to survive in the big city of lights. Their demand for money grows over time and they pine to meet the mammoth demand. The middleman Ratan kidnaps the four girls in myriad ways and deports them to the village border. From the village border the girls are transported to different parts of Kolkata by agents to serve in the sex trade. The business headquarters is located in Kolkata and is run by a lady. The agents earn a good sum for each girl they sell to Ranidi. Meanwhile the girls brought in by Ranidi are well groomed and made ready for the sex trade.

The girls leave behind their poverty stricken past and remain superficially happy with the easy money they earn from this business. They face the brutal truth of the world in various aspects of their lives and they accept the fact that the world seems to be very dark when faced with honesty, love and humility. Money can buy happiness, at least temporarily and wipes out the worst pangs of hunger and misery.

The girls continue to serve different clients all over Kolkata and demand for money increases manifold with the passing tide of time. Losing human values and getting lost in the dreadful crowd of sex hunger people no more stirs a chord in their human soul.

Several village girls are brought in to the Kolkata headquarters on a daily basis and their lives are transformed permanently by Ranidi. This racket has been going on forever.

2007 | 1 hr 58 min
Chandrayee Ghosh, Rudranil Ghosh
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