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"The motion picture screen beckons you to adventure that thrills the emotions with shock and terror!"

King Kong Vs. Godzilla is a 1962 Japanese science fiction film that focuses on two of the world's most terrifying, giant monsters both in the same movie. This film was made as a celebration to the producing company's thirtieth anniversary. This film begins by the chairman of a pharmaceutical company looking for more publicity, and is frustrated that he cannot. Mr. Tako then hatches the bright idea of finding the monster that is worshiped by natives on Faro Island. Since Mr. Tako is destined to increase his ratings, he sends two of his best men to go to Faro Island and to bring the monster to Japan. Elsewhere, the American submarine the Seahawk is going through the sea and gets trapped by an iceberg. Unfortunately for them, that iceberg is the same one that a mutant dinosaur named Godzilla was trapped in seven years prior by the Japanese Self - Dense Forces. Godzilla, now released, destroys the submarine that permitted his freedom. An American rescue helicopter comes to the submarine's aid and angers Godzilla, making him break out of the iceberg entirely. Godzilla then makes his way to a Arctic military base that is close by him. The Arctic military base is defenseless against the giant dinosaur and Godzilla's presence is all that the news is filled of.

Since Godzilla is the star instead of King Kong, this angers Mr. Tako. However, on Faro Island the native's village is being brutally attacked by a giant octopus. Hearing the sounds of this attack, the monster of Faro Island, King Kong, comes to the defense of the natives and defeats the giant octopus. Unexpectedly, King Kong is knocked unconscious when he drinks some red berry juice. This is an advantage to Mr. Tako's men because this is their opportunity to take the giant monster back to Japan. Mr. Tako arrives on the ship that is transporting King Kong, but they are ordered to stop and transport King Kong back to Faro Island by the Japanese Self - Defense Forces. Ironically, just as the Japanese Self - Defense Forces tell Mr. Tako that they don't want another monster terrorizing Japan, Godzilla appears on the shore. This awakens our unconscious King Kong and he breaks free from the ship. Since he is now freed, he finds Godzilla in a valley, but Godzilla scares off King Kong by shooting his atomic breath at him.

The Japanese Self - Defense Forces try desperately to stop Godzilla from entering Tokyo by setting up traps and explosives, but they all fail. Finally, they come up with the idea of using 1,000,000 volts of electricity from the power lines which is harsh for Godzilla and forces him away from the area. That same night, King Kong arrives in Tokyo and finds a woman named Fumiko who happens to be one of Mr. Tako's men, Sakurai's sister. He holds the poor, defenseless woman hostage until Sakurai and the JSDF can knock him unconscious again with the red berry juice.

Since all these events have occurred, the JSDF changes their mind and has the idea of taking the two monsters and putting them together in the hopes of that they'll destroy each other in a vicious battle. The next day, King Kong is sent to the same place that Godzilla was heading towards, and the two find each other. During their fight, Godzilla is victorious in the beginning since he knocks King Kong unconscious with a powerful attack to his head. Godzilla tries to finish him off while his atomic breath, but luckily for King Kong an electrical storm appears and replenishes him. Godzilla and King Kong begin their unfinished business again, and King Kong shoves a tree into Godzilla's mouth. Since these monsters are so gigantic, their struggles brings them all the way from the coastline to the Pacific Ocean. At the Pacific Ocean, they continue their battle underwater and it seems that King Kong has won and he swims back to Faro Island.

| 1962 | | 5.9/10 | 40/100
Tadao Takashima, Kenji Sahara, Yû Fujiki, Ichirô Arishima
Inoshiro Honda, Thomas Montgomery
King Kong vs. Godzilla

Also starring Tadao Takashima

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King Kong Vs Godzilla - Movie Trailer|2:28
King Kong Vs Godzilla - Movie Trailer|2:28

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