La Misma Luna

The film entitled La misma luna also known as Under the Same Moon, is about the life and challenges of Rosario. Rosario is a lady who decides to relocate to the United States of America. Rosario makes the decision to migrate even though she is aware of the fact that she will be living as an illegal immigrant in the country. Rosario has a son known as Carlitos who is nine years old at the time that she has not seen for 4 years. Carlitos lives with his grandmother who is very sick, alongside his uncle and aunt in a village located in Mexico. Rosario lives in Los Angeles and she calls her son once every week using a public phone. Carlitos’ uncle and aunt are trying to get custody of him because they want to be able to collect the money sent him by his mother.

Carlitos works for Carmen, a woman who is interested in helping the young boy. While there he comes across two people, Martha and David, who are involved in the illegal transportation of immigrants into America. Not long after his grandmother dies, he decides to look for the coyotes he had seen earlier to help him. He succeeds in entering America and lives with a family involved in cultivating tomatoes. Carlitos is caught by immigration police alongside Enrique at home while the other members run away.

Carlitos finds a job at a restaurant. While working there he sees a telephone directory which he uses to locate his long lost father Oscar, who never cared about him. Oscar promises to take Carlitos to Los Angeles to meet his mother but afterwards he changes his mind not to do so. However, Enrique proposes to take Carlitos to Los Angeles which he succeeds in doing. They get there just after Rosario left for Mexico, after receiving a call from Carmen that Carlitos is missing.

During their search for Rosario, Enrique gets caught by the police and Carlitos ends up meeting his mother by the payphone.

2008 | | 7.4/10
La Misma Luna
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