Legend of Cougar Canyon

Legend of Cougar Canyon is a family western adventure film that was written and directed by James T. Flocker. The movie features a cast including Holger Kasper, Johnny Guerro and Steven Benally Jr. The film revolves around a nature narrative including many of the animals regularly scene in the Monument Valley area of the American Southwest. This includes harmless animals, those that are predatory and ones that fight for their survival every day.

The first part of the film follows a cougar as he attempts to find his prey by hunting, killing and eating it. Other animals like hawks, badgers, rattlesnakes, bears, rabbits, goats and sheep are also featured and are either pursuing other animals or being pursued by them.

By and by, Steve, a Navajo Indian boy and his white friend called Walter camp out in the Cougar Canyon. They are taking the sheep and goat herd of Steve's family out to pasture. While a raccoon frolics nearby, the cougar is sensing that the boys have stopped paying attention. As a result, the cougar seems to be encouraged to take the opportunity to consider them as food. However, the boys manage to escape the cougar, given the Navajo boy's uncanny abilities to understand his surroundings so well.

Steve was separated from his wagon train which is how he managed to make friends with the Navajo boy. Because the boy is so adept at being in nature, he teaches Steve how to befriend a wild bear. They defeat some bumbling crooks who have wandered into their area. They also meet up with and ingratiate themselves upon a very cranky older mountain man - who cautions them.

The boys manage to rescue the herd. However, in so doing, a goat that was highly valued by one of Steve's sisters gets away from the boys and the herd. As the cougar chases the goat, the boys must save it from being killed.

| 1976 | 1 hr 22 min | 5.4/10
James T. Flocker
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Legend of Cougar Canyon