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"Hunted By Your Future, Haunted By Your Past"

The multiple themes of the movie "Looper" make it difficult to assign just one genre. In its most basic form it has more than enough action to satisfy almost all thrill seekers. At the same time it presents itself as a classic sci-fi that examines all of the paradoxes of time travel. But the trailer doesn't do justice to all of it's elements. It contains some romance, twisting and turning suspense, and even explores the depths of the human psyche and emotions.

30 years from the present, law enforcement develops a technology that alerts them immediately of murdered victims and pinpoints their location. The mob circumvents this problem by using time travel, which has been outlawed, to send their marks back to the present where their murder is untraceable. One mobster is sent back to recruit hit men known as loopers for this operation. They simply wait, weapon in hand, for their marks at designated times and locations. But things start to fall apart when someone from the future starts sending back each of the looper's future counterparts in order to "close the loop".

Since all of the marks appear bound with hoods over their face no one really knows who they are killing. But as news spreads about the loop starting to close it causes some hesitation. If you kill your future self you know you only have 30 years to live. But disobeying the mob may mean immediate death. All choices affect the future one way or another. But once you open the door to a different reality the possibilities become endless.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays the main character named Joe. Joe is a looper faced with the prospect of killing his future self, played by Bruce Willis. Through the use of digital technology, some of Gordon-Levitt's features were altered to more closely match those of Bruce Willis. The supporting staff-Emily Blunt, Jeff Daniels and Noah Segan- round off this movie's excellent talent.

The action and suspense of this movie make it a great thriller. It keeps you guessing and at times has you on the edge of your seat. More intellectual Sci-fi fans will love the fresh perspective of an otherwise run-ragged time travel theme. The movie explores the full spectrum of emotions-fun, excitement, empathy, joy, love, loneliness, worry, fear, sadness, and hatred. It pits the best elements of humanity against the worse and some may find the darker elements a little disturbing. The surprise ending reveals the movie's philosophical undertones. There is only one way to alter the future-make a different choice.

| 2012 | 1 hr 59 min | 7.4/10 | 84/100
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Bruce Willis, Emily Blunt, Paul Dano
Endgame Entertainment
Rian Johnson

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