Ranbir Singh (Salim Ghouse) is fervent to discover his own death and his killer. The fear of death haunts him every day and he suffers intensely. He believes that he'll be killed by someone and will not face a natural death. The fear of his killer grips him so badly that he begins to look out for his own killer who will kill him in the future.

He believes strongly that Kohinoor (Govinda) will kill him when he grows up to be a man. To prevent his own death at the hands of Kohinoor he plans to kill him when he is still a child. Kohinoor's kingdom is forcibly snatched and he's sent into an exile in the Himalayas. Ranbir Singh has murdered his whole family out of severe rage whereas Kohinoor begins to live in the Himalayas for 20 long years. The only thing he has to himself is his childhood memories. He lost everything, the happiness of his childhood and his parents. Kohinoor is still unaware of the truth about all the past incidences and he does not know that the murderer is Ranbir Singh.

The truth is revealed to Kohinoor by Ali, the son of the former maid in the family. After knowing the truth Kohinoor promises to kill Ranbir Singh. He comes back to the kingdom to assert his rightful place on the throne. While doing so Kohinoor faces various challenges but he succeeds in overcoming each one of them.

After a huge turmoil and protest he uses his special powers which he learnt during his stay in the Himalayas and he is able to free his childhood nanny, Ameenabai from the grip of Ranbir Singh. Finally, he succeeds to kill Ranbir Singh and pay homage to his brutally killed family members. He also finds his lady love Shaili and they are happily united.

1998 | | 3.7/10
Govinda, Manisha Koirala, Raj Babbar, Salim Ghouse
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