Mon Mane Na

The film entitled Mon Mane Na is centered on the life and adventures of Ria and Rahul. Ria and Rahul are two people who have never met nor known each other before. One day they meet as they are both travelling to the same destination, which is Siliguri. They are each on mission; while Ria is travelling to Siliguri so she can run away from her boyfriend, Rahul is going far away so he can sell something which he stole. Ria, however, does not know that Rahul is a thief, but little does she know that this meeting of theirs is just the beginning of their story together.

The two start conversing as they travel along to get to know each other better. However, nobody reveals his or her secret to the other. Rahul decides to hide his stolen goods in Ria's bag without telling her, so that if the authorities were to carry out a search they will not find it on him. They will think Ria is the thief.

Unfortunately for Rahul, as they journey along, another thief gets hold of Ria's bag and steals Rahul's stuff from it. Rahul is devastated at the end of the journey when he secretly checks Ria's bag and cannot find his stuff. He feels like he has lost everything in life because the stuff was his last hope. Ria accompanies him to their family house, where she finds out their entire family relies on stealing to make a living.

Not long after, Ria breaks up with her boyfriend, and she becomes very lonely and brokenhearted. She comes across Rahul again, and the two friends decide to get busy to help each other forget their problems. They become very good friends, and before they know it they start dating. At the end, they both admit they are in love with each other and finally get married.

Not Rated
| 2008 | | 4.6/10
Biswajit Chakraborty, Dev, Koyel Mallick, Subhasish Mukherjee
Bengali, Bangla
Mon Mane Na
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