Monster's Ball

"A lifetime of change can happen in a single moment."

'Monster's Ball' is a film that centers around the lives of Hank Godowsky (Billy Bob Thornton), a Georgia prison guard who turns out to be a racist former cop that cares for his dying father; Buck (Peter Boyle) and has a less than close relationship with his son; Sonny (Heath Ledger). Both Hank and Sonny are on the execution detail at the prison and this is the first execution that Sonny will witness. Into the mix enters Leticia (Halle Berry) and her son Tyrell (Coronji Calhoun) who happen to be the wife and son of Lawrence Musgrove (Sean Combs), the man being executed.

While escorting Lawrence to the chair Sonny must leave the detail as he becomes ill at the thought of the man's death. His actions strain an already tenuous relationship with his father and results in the two coming to blows as well as Hank's dictate that Sonny leave his house. Sonny pulls his side arm and forces Hank downstairs in front of his Buck and demands to know from Hank if he ever loved Sonny. Hank tells him no and Sonny tells him that he always loved him just before shooting himself in the heart.

After the suicide Hank retires from his job and comes across Leticia on a rainy night as she flags him down to help her get her son, who had been hit by a car, to the hospital. When the boy dies Hank agrees to take her home and in their mutual grief they come together and find romance. Although Hank is aware of who Leticia's husband was, she is unaware of the role that Hank played in her husband's death.

Hank, realizing that Buck will only sabotage his new relationship, places him in a nursing home. Meanwhile, Leticia moves in with Hank as they begin their relationship and soon Leticia discovers drawings her husband did of Hank and realizes who Hank is.

| 2001 | 1 hr 52 min | 7.1/10
Marc Forster
Monster's Ball

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