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"When aliens attack, monsters fight back."
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“Monsters vs. Aliens” is an animated feature film produced by DreamWorks. The plot follows a group of monsters, who are based on famous Hollywood characters, as they attempt to save the world from an alien invasion. The main character in the story, Susan, comes into contact with a meteorite on her wedding day, and she grows in size to over 50 feet tall. Susan is then subdued by the Army and moved to a secure location.

Shortly after arriving in her new protective custody, Susan meets a rag-tag group of monsters that are also being held by the military. The group is content to live their lives in captivity due to the preconceived notions the general public has about their existence. The monsters, Susan included, are more comedy relief than terrifying beasts. Of course, all of that changes when an alien spaceship arrives on Earth.

After the President has a chance to communicate with the alien spaceship, it transforms into a giant robot. The military takes its chances in fighting the robot, but to no avail. The military then gets the idea to turn the monsters it holds in prison loose on the robot as a last ditch effort to prevent catastrophe. The battle ranges all over San Francisco, but the pivotal moment and the defeat of the machine takes place on the Golden Gate Bridge.

Once the alien ship is defeated, Susan attempts to regain her normal life. However, Susan’s fiancé is afraid of being overshadowed by a huge woman and breaks off the engagement. Meanwhile the alien leader manages to trick Susan and uses a device to extract a rare mineral from her system, which causes her to shrink to normal size. Her monster pals decide to stage a rescue, and it takes all of their special skills to conquer the bad guy and save the day.

“Monsters vs. Aliens” features colorful animation and some fast paced sequences. The film is not just about showcasing the various classic Hollywood monsters, but strives to show that sometimes even the most unexpected circumstances can produce the best of friends. The film also showcases that teamwork and the willingness to make a sacrifice can lead to acceptance. After their victory over the alien, the group is met with cheers from a grateful public willing to take them on as equals and heroes, which is all any of them ever wanted in the first place.

| 2009 | 1 hr 34 min | 6.4/10 | 56/100
Reese Witherspoon, Seth Rogen, Hugh Laurie, Will Arnett
Conrad Vernon, Rob Letterman
Produced By
Lisa Stewart, Jill Hopper (co-producer), Latifa Ouaou (co-producer)

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