MVP: Most Valuable Primate

"Jack skates a little faster... Shoots a little harder... And is driving everyone bananas."

Jack the chimpanzee is a primate with many special gifts. Thanks to a longtime relationship with language researcher Dr. Kendall, Jack has learned sign language. When the chimp makes a daring escape, chance circumstances take him out of the country and into the home of new owners who recognize his talent for communicating with the deaf. Watch as Jack discovers his natural talent for ice hockey and making friends, while his former owners fight to send him back. This family-friendly film is one of the classic animal movies, combining the team spirit of a sports film with one lovable chimpanzee your children will want to follow through his adventures again and again.

| 1999 | 1 hr 33 min | 3.8/10
Robert Vince
MVP: Most Valuable Primate

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