Once Upon a Time in China V

After the Eight-Nation Alliance Army occupies Beijing (see Part 4) and with the Qing Dynasty's fall imminent, Wong Fei Hung, his family and disciples return to South China in order to move to Hong Kong (which was a British colony in 1900). As they arrive at the port town, Wong and disciples find the town totally empty, as the local government official had left with all the government funds, leaving the local army garrison without money or food. This situation is made worse by pirates that are terrorizing the coast, cutting off the sea route. They decide to form a local crime prevention unit, which leads to three confrontations with the pirates and eventually to the deaths of all major pirate leaders.
Meanwhile a love triangle arises between 13th Aunt and her sister, 14th Aunt, to win over Wong's love.
Even though the conflicts were finally resolved, Wong Fei Hung and his family decide to stay on to help the local garrisons maintain security of the area.
This is the only movie where Fei Hung uses firearms for his fight sequences.

1995 | 1 hr 41 min | 6.1/10
Once Upon a Time in China V