Padre Nuestro

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Juan is a young man who has been involved in a life of crime from the moment of his birth. He has made a living out of robbing the rich and committing some very violent acts that he wishes to never be a part of again. Desiring a positive change for once in his life, Juan makes the dangerous decision to leave his life of crime and board a truck that is transporting illegal immigrants to New York City. It is on this journey that Juan meets a friendly young man named Pedro, who is heading to New York to look for his father.

2008 | | 6.3/10
Luis Gnecco, Francisco Pérez-Bannen, Amparo Noguera, Cecilia Roth
Christopher Zalla
Produced By
Benjamin Odell, Per Melita
Padre Nuestro
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Also directed by Christopher Zalla

Also starring Luis Gnecco