Paradise is a Korean love and life story about a young woman named Mi-kyeong who has just gotten out of prison and is looking for a new start on life. She is all alone, no family or friends and it makes her feel like a no body. So Mi-kyeong gets on a train to start heading South. While on the train she notices an ad on the wall for a place called Hana Island. According to the ad, Hana Island is the last island paradise on the planet. Mi-kyeong is intrigued by the ad and decides Hana Island is where she would rather go.

The minute Mi-kyeong arrives on the island she is disappointed. Hana Island is nothing like advertised. It’s desolate and far from being any sort of paradise. However, Mi-kyeong doesn’t let that stop her in starting her new life. She takes a job at a cafeteria on the island and meets a young man named Il-ho. Il-ho is an elementary school teacher with a pure-of-heart character and Mi-kyeong is instantly attracted to him.

In the mean time she also meets a young girl named Hwa-Ran. Everyone knows her as the girl who’s always hiding in the mountains. Hwa-Ran hides in the mountains all the time because of her mother. Her mother always brings strange men to their house. Mi-kyeong had a similar past as Hwa-Ran so she knows how she feels and becomes friends with the young girl. Mi-kyeong also befriends a young girl named Ah-ram who sits and listens to the same songs all day long, while wallowing in her past of sad memories.

Mi-kyeong went to Hana Island in search of a visual paradise, or so she was led to believe. Despite her immediate disappointment when she arrived, Mi-kyeong is starting to open her heart to Il-ho and she’s starting to find her own paradise on the island, even if she didn't think it was possible.

| 2010 | 1 hr 50 min | 3.8/10
Mark Dacascos, Armand Assante, Tom Sizemore, Bruce Boxleitner
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