"These two unlikely companions are on a journey to find her long lost son."

Martin is a journalist and former government aide who takes on a human interest story of Philomena and her son, a baby put up for adoption. Philomena states that "Anthony" was born in a convent. There, despite signing away parental claims, she cared for him, until he was adopted. Philomena's best friend also bore a child, Mary, who became best friends with Anthony. When a couple visited to adopt Mary, they adopt both children instead.

Martin and Philomena start searching at the convent, where the nuns claim that any records burnt up five years ago. Frustrated, Martin heads to a pub where he overhears that the convent may have sold children off. Martin decides to change focus, and research any American ties to Anthony.

Martin relays his findings to Philomena, who wants to meet those who knew Anthony. Martin realizes that he'd actually met Anthony while working at the BBC, but tracks down Mary. Mary shares some of Anthony's history, including his most dedicated relationship.

| 2013 | 1 hr 35 min | 7.6/10

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