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This wonderful Disney movie "Pocahontas" is a 90's classic for families of all kinds. It has something for everyone, from the songs, to Pocahontas's two animal friends, Meeko the comedic relief raccoon, Percy the Pug of the evil governor, that always is in a grumpy mood ready to bark at Meeko, and Twit the suborn yet very talkable hummingbird. If only we could understand those bird sounds. The animals play such a key role in this film.

This story takes place in Virgina around the time the English colonies invaded in the 17th century. Pocahontas is a daughter of a Native American chief, whom believes she needs to settle down with Kocoum, and "be steady like the river." To which we all know what comes next, she is flowing down the river to see Grandmother Willow the talking tree, that teaches Pocahontas whatever she needs to know. Including listening to her heart, and the spirits around her. When the settlers arrive, Pocahontas notices a tall, blonde, blued eyed John Smith whom climbs a tree to look around. It isn't until later after the colonist begin to dig for gold, with a musical number to follow. With the evil Governer Ratcliffe over looking everything. That John Smith wanders off to explore the land, and comes across Pocahontas on the river. They began to call in love, but tenses between the colonist and the Native Americans become extreme. War is declared after the forbidden love is discovered. Pocahontas must decide what to do to stop the war before it begins, and help John Smith out of the terrible trouble he is in. Pocahontas really grows into the woman she was meant to be through this film. Not only does she fight for both sides, but she falls in love with John Smith. It's truly Disney's verison of Romeo and Juliet but back in the 17th century.

| 1995 | 1 hr 21 min | 6.7/10

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