Project X

"When the Air Force assigned Jimmy Garrett to a top secret project, he didn't know what he was in for. Neither did they."

Project X is a movie based on true events which took place within the USA's space program. The story centers around a young chimp named Virgil. Virgil is brought to a university where a young grad student is allowed to train him in sign language. The program is funded by grants and continues for about two years before the funding runs out. The grad student named Teri is upset when she learns the program will be terminated and she will lose Virgil. She and Virgil have developed a strong bond and Virgil can speak to her using sign language. Teri is assured the chimp will be sent to a zoo to live out the rest of his life.

The story then moves to a U.S. space training facility where a young man named Jimmy is on probation for flying when he was not authorized to do so. He is reassigned to a new program the center is using to help in training their own airmen. This program uses chimps by training them to use computers with simulated flight programs. A new shipment of chimps arrives at the facility which includes Virgil. Virgil attempts to communicate with Jimmy using the signs he knows for apple and out.

Virgil proves to be a very fast learner and Jimmy begins to suspect the chimp came from some type of educational program and should not be at the center. He also discovers Virgil has been trying to communicate with him using sign language so he studies sign language so he can communicate with Virgil. Jimmy also discovers what the flight simulation training is being used for. When chimps reach a certain level of proficiency in the program they are taken to a secluded simulator where they are placed in a simulated aircraft and given instructions to fly their program. During the program a canister emits a high level of radiation, ultimately killing the chimp.

| 1987 | 1 hr 48 min | 6.1/10 | 61/100
Willie, Okko, Karanja, Luke
Anchor Bay Entertainment
Jonathan Kaplan, J. Kaplan
Project X
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Project X (1987) Movie Trailer|2:13
Project X (1987) Movie Trailer|2:13

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