Red River

"In 25 Years, Only Three! "The Covered Wagon", "Cimarron" and now Howard Hawks' "Red River""

Red River is a 1948 Western starring John Wayne and a young Montgomery Clift. Howard Hawks directed the movie. The movie also features a large supporting cast that includes Walter Brennen, Joanne Dru and many others. Film critics consider Red River one of the best movies of the Western genre. It focuses more on grit and realism rather than romantic stereotypes. The story focuses on the tension between ranchers and cattlemen. Wayne plays Thomas Dunson who is hard nosed cattle rancher trying to move his cattle along the Chisholm Trail. Clift plays a young man named Matthew Garth who has had a troubled and traumatic life. Much of the action centers around the conflict between Garth and Dunson. This is an excellent must-see Western.

| 1948 | 2 hr 13 min | 7.8/10
Howard Hawks
Red River

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