Revenge of the Nerds

"The time has come for REVENGE OF THE NERDS"

“Revenge of the Nerd” is a classic teen comedy that tells the story of a group of misfit college students who are bonded together by their status as social outcasts at a very progressive college where the jocks and cheerleaders rule the campus. Gilbert Lowe and Louis Skolnick have been buddies since they were little. As the film begins Louis' father drives the two friends to their first year of college at Adams College. They are not welcomed very warmly by the popular kids and they are greeted with mean looks and chants of “Nerds, Nerds, Nerds”!

Gilbert and Louis make their way to their freshman dorm but are rudely evicted when the Alpha Beta fraternity takes over their dorms after their frat house burns down. The boys are relegated to the school gymnasium where they are acquainted with the rest of the unwanted homeless students. That is where their rag tag group of nerds comes together. The encounter the effeminate Lamar Latrell, Japanese student Takashi Tosiro, violinist Arnold Poindexter, 12 year old child prodigy Harold Wormser and beer guzzling slob Dudley “Booger” Dawson.

With nowhere to live, the group decides to petition to create their own fraternity and move off campus to a rented home that they plan to turn into their frat house. They receive a trial as a chapter of the Lambda Lambda, Lambda fraternity and plan a party to impress the frat president. The football team at the school does everything they can to make the Lambdas miserable. They want revenge but the school government does nothing.

They boys set out to win the spring school fraternity and Olympic style competition. What they lack in brawn they make up for in brains and creativity as they use their superior intellect to challenge the other fraternities.

Along the way, Louis and Gilbert find love and redemption as they discover that the nerds of the world out populate the beautiful people.

| 1984 | 1 hr 30 min | 6.6/10 | 44/100
Robert Carradine, Anthony Edwards, Timothy Busfield, Andrew Cassese
20th Century Fox
Jeff Kanew
Revenge of the Nerds
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