"Loosely based on Dudley Moore's 'Arthur'. Amithabh plays a spoilt but generous hearted drunk son of an extremely rich and uncaring father. Om Prakash plays the surrogate father and Jaya Pradha provides the romantic liason."

The movie entitled Sharaabi is centered on the life and challenges of a young boy known as Vicky. Vicky is from a very rich family as his father is a popular multi-millionaire known as Amanath. Armanath drinks a lot of alcohol so much so that he has become addicted to it. He does not really care much about what happens to his son or how his son is growing up but simply gives him as much money as he wants. Since he is aware of the fact that he cannot look after Vicky, he assigns Munshi to take care of him.

Vicky is not happy about the way his father treats him as he feels ignored and abandoned. He therefore decides to get back at his father and make him feel useless by ridiculing him every time he has the opportunity to do so and cause other people to look low on him. Amarnath then decides the best thing to do is to marry Vicky off to a beautiful lady but Vicky is already in love with a girl known as Meena who is the daughter of a very poor blind man. When Amarnath finds out about Vicky’s relationship with Meena, he becomes very angry and refuses to accept the fact that his own son could do such a thing.

He tries to convince Vicky to end his relationship with Meena but he stubbornly refuses. Amarnath gets very furious and asks Vicky to leave his house never to return. He asks him to sign disclaimers and Vicky gladly does so without objecting.

In as much as Vicky is happy to leave his father’s house and have nothing to do with him ever again, he worries about his future. He worries how life without a job will look like for him but he is glad to be free from his father.

The movie was directed by Prakash Mehra.

| 1984 | 3 hr | 7.4/10
Amitabh Bachchan, Bharat Bhushan, Chandrashekhar, C.S. Dubey
Prakash Mehra
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Also starring Bharat Bhushan

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