The plot, if there is one, is really quite simple but made out to be complicated by eliminating little details of relationships that sort themselves out as the movie draws to a close. Neha (Reema), her half-witted brother and their cousin Mickey (Babar) live for some unknown reason with their grandmother, Nagma in a mansion in Lahore. Zarro (Mehr Hassan), yet another grandchild based in the US, arrives for a holiday to celebrate Basant and promptly becomes the target of Mickey's ardent love and Sardar Omer Daraz Khan's (Usman Peerzada) lecherous yearnings, simultaneously.

Meanwhile Lachhi (Nirma) is a village girl in love with Yawar (Moammar Rana), while Jogi (Shaan) is enamored by her. Yawar comes to stay with his uncle who is a gardener in the mansion and Zarro and he fall in love. You have to watch the three-hour movie if you wish to find out who ends up with who, and more importantly, how, and whether the villainous Sardar gets away with his villainy.With hardly a plot to boast of, the film required an extremely strong script in order to win the audience's interest. Instead, what is amazing is the senseless banter and ridiculous dialogues that most of the stars indulge in for the better part of the movie. Void of humour, they fail to amuse and the only witty dialogue that comes to mind is when a gay offers himself to Sardar Omer saying, "I'm homeopathic you know, if I am of no value, I won't be harmful either." The one or two quick repartees during the climax scene, when Zarro is kidnapped and her allies are trying to rescue her, are the rare moments when one is exposed to some wit.

2003 | | 5.4/10 | 0/100
Babar Ali, Mehr Hassan, Nirma, Usmaan Peerzada
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