Tai Chi Master

Tai Chi Masters is a Chinese movie starring Jet Li. The film follows the life of two boys named Junbao and Tienbo who were raised together in a Shaolin Temple and trained to be monks. The boys have studied the martial arts their whole lives and would have become masters, if Tienbo hadn't almost killed one of their peers for cheating in a fight. Tienbo's violence resulted in both Tienbo and Junbao's expulsion.

Before the boys venture into the world outside their temple for the first time on their own, a teacher who has sympathy for them offers guidance based on what he perceives to be their respective personality flaws. The teacher gives a special warning to Tienbo that his rash actions could get him into serious trouble.

Tai Chi Master includes thrilling action scenes and impressive displays of Kung Fu skills by real martial arts masters. Action scenes are complemented by heartwarming and heartbreaking scenes that explore the triumphs and trials of Tienbo and Junbao's evolving friendship.

Outside of the temple, the boy's kung fu skills come in handy. In the first town they pass through, they encounter a gang of thieves who are forcibly stealing money from a shop owner. Before they arrive at the scene, a woman named Miss Li steals the money from the thieves and returns it to the shop owner. When the thieves realize the money is gone, they go attack Miss Li. Miss Li is able to defend herself for a short time, but can't hold back the thieves for long.

When Tienbo and Junbao reach the scene, they rescue Miss Li and nearly disband the thieves. Miss Li and the boys run away when army reinforcements arrive and end the fight. The local governor is traveling with the army, and as Tienbo witnesses the governor roughing up the people at his will as he passes through town, Tienbo craves the same power and begins a quest to attain it.

| 1993 | 1 hr 36 min | 7.3/10
Tai Chi Master
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