Talento de Barrio

Talento de barrio (Hood Talent) is a Spanish action crime film written by George Rivera and directed by Jose Ivan Santiago. Produced by George Rivera, Ángel M. Sanjurjo and rap star, Daddy Yankee (Raymond Ayala), the movie stars Ayala along Maestro, Katiria Soto, Cesar Farrait, Angelica Alcaide and Norma Colon. The film distributed by Maya Entertainment begins in the streets of Puerto Rico, where Edgar Dinero (Daddy Yankee) gets involved in a thug life of crime in the barrio neighborhood where he lives.

Edgar becomes a drug lord, prowling the mean streets in dreams of becoming a rap artist. He must also deal with his drug addicted, troubled sister. His main problem, however, is his old friend turned nemesis, Maestro - who changed markedly into a hardened, untrustworthy thug after serving jail time.

Edgar’s world consists of daily confrontations of senseless violence that fuel him to create art that expresses his frustration. Despite his mother’s love, awareness of and upset with her drug cartel connected son, he still struggles between the world he lives in and the life he’d rather have.

Law enforcement is apathetic, asserting that because the gangbangers have larger televisions than they do that they do not deserve protection. This is offhandedly tossed as if it were what matters in the lives of the people there - an erroneous assumption. They are obviously missing the point that having these things does not make up for the increasingly violent environment that the people of the neighborhood confront daily.

In the world Edgar lives in, reggaeton appears to be preferable partly because it is not possible to be arrested for making rhymes. He is forced to earn, rather than be given his swagger as an artist. The depictions of materialism merely represent a life of crime that he would rather not participate in. Now he must prove himself and overcome his crippling bout of stage fright. He must deliver the life or death performance that will free him to live the better life of his aspirations.

| 2008 | 1 hr 46 min | 5.5/10
Daddy Yankee, Maestro Yek, Katiria Soto, César Farrait
Talento de Barrio
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Also starring Daddy Yankee

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