"A tank a day keeps the law away."

James Garner plays an old soldier who is doing his last tour of duty in Georgia. His wife and son are there with him. James Garner's character named Zak's troubles with the local law starts when he declines to get a prostitute. A local deputy, also the pimp of the prostitute, beats the prostitute up and Zak beats up the deputy. Zak has more trouble with the law and the corrupt sheriff arrests his son on trumped up charges. Zak happens to own a vintage Sherman tank and busts the son out of jail. They run for the state border, hoping to be able to expose the corrupt sheriff.

This is a comedy, so everything is light and fluffy. The violence takes place without any blood.

James Garner stars in this film with James Cromwell. They would be together again in a film called Space Cowboys, sixteen years later. This is one of C. Thomas Howell's earliest films. At the time, he was an up-and-coming star that could still have amounted to something.

| 1984 | 1 hr 50 min | 5.6/10
Marvin J. Chomsky

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