The Adventures of Pinocchio

"A new angle on the classic tale... And that's no lie!"

Pinocchio is the name of a small, ornate wooden puppet carved by a woodcutter by the name of Geppetto - he dreams of becoming a real boy, and through some device of magic, is able to spring to life and animation. He has a characteristic of lying often and being prone to fabricating stories at all odds and ends of situations, with the misfortune of a nose that magically grows longer with each lie he tells.

In order to become the real boy he so desires to become, Pinocchio must first accomplish the goal to act more responsibly, so that one day he may achieve his dream. In the Adventures of Pinocchio, the film follows the various trials and tribulations of Pinocchio the puppet, as he learns through various fumbles the lessons he needs in order to claim responsibility. It acts as a sequence of life lessons shown through the portrayal of Pinocchio's actions and learning experiences, in a coming-of-age story for the viewers.

| 1996 | 1 hr 36 min | 5.3/10
Steven Barron, Steve Barron
The Adventures of Pinocchio

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