The Cowboys

"All they wanted was their chance to be men...and he gave it to them."

The Cowboys is an action drama western movie. The movie starts when someone comes to town with gold. It starts a gold rush fever in the town. Wil Anderson is a cattle rancher who needs to drive 400 cattle to the rail yard in order to avoid a financial disaster. The only problem he has is that all his hired hands quit to go to the gold fields. He is at a loss about what to do. Someone suggests that he hire the school kids to drive the cattle. Wil Anderson is not amused; he says maybe he should hire women and old people.

He recruits the school age boys and begins to train them to be cowhands,and men. He understands the cattle drive is long, and dangerous for men, these are boys. They begin the cattle drive. The boys face many obstacles on the way. They encounter a bunch of thieves that want to steal the cattle. A battle ensues between the thieves and the cowhands.

| 1972 | 2 hr 11 min | 7.4/10
Mark Rydell
The Cowboys

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