The Final Sacrifice

"On this mission, no sacrifice is too great!"

The Final Sacrifice also referred to as "Quest for the Lost City," is a 90s Canadian independent horror movie. A man by the name ofTroy Mcgreggor finds a map that belongs to his dead father. He wishes to find more information about his father's death using the map to do so and finds a cult who seem friendly. Troy later finds out that his father was sacrificed by the cult, who wanted his mysterious map. The map leads to an ancient magnificent city. The leader of the cult turned evil after worshiping a false god. Troy is captured by the cult, where they try to use him as a sacrifice. He escapes and kills the leader, freeing all the cult members souls from his evil grip.

| 1990 | 1 hr 18 min | 2.4/10
Tjardus Greidanus
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The Final Sacrifice
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