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"The cycle-gang gals... scratching... clawing any guy who gets in their way!"

Written by Tony Huston along with Robert Slatzer who also directed the film, The Hellcats was originally released in 1967. The film has also gone by the title, Biker Babes and starred Dee Duffey, Ross Hagen, and Sharyn Kinzie. The Hellcats are a biker gang that run drugs. Their leader, Adrian, a mob-type uses members to carry out the movement of drugs. A police detective named Dave Chapman is investigating the gang and their leader, whom he realizes very quickly have as much dislike for their mob-type leader as he does as a law enforcement officer.

Chapman attempts to use members of the biker gang to acquire evidence and to build a case against Adrian. When Adrian figured out that Chapman was attempting to put him away, he orders one of his biker members to shoot and kill Chapman, which occurred while Chapman was having a picnic with his fiancé, Linda.

Shortly after Chapman's death, his brother Monte, a sergeant in the U.S. Army returned home only to find out of the tragedy of his brother's demise. Monte looking to avenge his brother's death and take down Adrian and the Hellcats by any means necessary, starts working with his brother's fiancé Linda. Together they concoct a plan to go undercover to infiltrate the Hellcats.

After convincing the other bikers that he and Linda belong, the Hellcats are confronted by a rival biker gang and prepare to fight using chains. Monte steps in and convinces both sides that fighting is of no use to either side. For stepping up, Monte must fight to which he comes out victorious.

While on a mission, Monte and Linda are kidnapped by Adrian with the intent to murder both of them. The Hellcats rescue Monte and Linda from crates sitting on a boat dock. With the ordeal behind them, Monte and Linda go their separate ways having done Chapman justice.

| 1968 | 1 hr 30 min | 1.9/10
Ross Hagen, Dee Duffy, Sharyn Kinzie, Del 'Sonny' West
Crown International Pictures
Robert F. Slatzer
The Hellcats

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