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"Body to body is the name of the game"

The Lickerish Quartet is a dramatic and fantasy film written by Michael DeForrest and Radley Metzger, who also directed. The movie features actors Silvana Venturelli, Frank Wolff and Erika Remberg. The story merges an art house flavor along with eroticism to tell a tale meant to challenge perceptions of reality and illusion. The film begins in a home of wealthy aristocrats from Europe. The film opens with a man (played by Frank Wolff), his wife (played by Erika Remberg) and their son (played by Paolo Turco) watching a porn film in their 700 year old castle.

While the man and wife enjoy the movie, the son is clearly disgusted and leaves. His parents follow him and find their way to a carnival. Appearing there seems to be the same girl (played by Silvana Venturelli) from the film on a motorcycle.

Hoping to embarrass the girl by showing her the film, they take her back to the castle. However, when they start the film, it appears to have changed. The couple is still intrigued and ask her to stay the night. The following day, she seduces each one of the family members so that they can live out their deepest sexual desires.

Each of the sexual encounters between the girl and family members occurs in a different locale and setting. The man is seduced by her in the library. The son lives out his fantasies in the outdoors. The wife gets together with her for a tryst in the large main room.

Every rendezvous is shot sensually. The scene with the wife alternates between black and white and color. It also revisits many of the moments from the last film they were viewing the prior night.

The film also depicts how the husband met his wife as a soldier during a war - while she was a prostitute. The girl disappears back into the porn film and the girl with the woman is actually her husband. Then two other couples are watching a porn film that features the four original characters.

| 1970 | 1 hr 30 min | 6.1/10
Radley Metzger
The Lickerish Quartet

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