The Mating Season

"The Comedy of the year!!!"

Ellen is a working class mother who has recently lost her hamburger stand in New Jersey to the bank. Without her source of income, she decides to pay a visit to her son, Val. Val lives in Ohio and has recently married a socialite named Maggie. The same day that Ellen arrives, Maggie and Val are having a dinner party and have sent out notice to an employment agency hoping to hire a cook. When Ellen arrives, Maggie believes that Ellen is the cook who has been sent by the employment agency.

Even though Val obviously knows the truth, he does not decide to immediately inform Maggie of her mistake and he takes the time after the party to persuade Ellen to live with them for awhile.

Ellen agrees to move in with them but wants to pretend to be just a maid so that she'll not cause marital friction between Val and Maggie. Maggie continues to believe that Ellen is just a maid. Soon, Maggie's mother arrives at the house and she is very snobby. She looks down on Val and she also looks down on Ellen.

Ellen plays a more pivotal role later in the film after she is leant to a neighboring family and through some sleuthing, makes some interesting discoveries of her own.

Not Rated
| 1951 | 1 hr 41 min | 7.4/10
Gene Tierney, John Lund, Miriam Hopkins, Thelma Ritter
The Mating Season
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Also starring John Lund

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