The Other Side

"Fear the reapers."

The Other Side is an action thriller film that was written and directed by Gregg Bishop. The film stars Nathan Mobley, Cory Rouse and Nathan Mobley. The story follows Samuel North returning from college in order to reunite with his girlfriend, Hannah Thompson. The night they are to enjoy a romantic dinner, she goes inexplicably missing. Then he is run into a river by a mysterious white van. After he dies, his soul is sent to Hell (the Pit). There he is about to be tormented by his worst enemies and memories. For example, bullies set out to hurt him, and he finds that his parents have been murdered. However, Sam manages only to experience a few moments of torment before he is rescued by people who have found their way out. He wakes up in a hospital, among many other escapees. There he learns that Hannah never returned home, and he is considered to be a suspect with regard to her disappearance. Bounty hunters that were dispatched from hell attempt to retrieve them all. Only Sam and a couple of others know the escape route. His new friends, Oz and Mally, have escaped many times but were always caught and returned. The bounty hunters are Switchers and need to change from body to body when a host body dies. They all manage to get to a motel that is filled with escapees. They are all scarred by a Mark of the Damned, which is how the Reapers have been able to track them down. Oz and Mally had planned to escape to Mexico, but Sam needs them to help him to find Hannah. Sam discovers that Hannah was being sexually harassed at a bar where she worked by a guy named Isaac. As a result, one of Hannah's friends informed Isaac that Hannah was about to report him to the police. Following an argument, Sam is fatally shot. As police arrive, Sam has one more opportunity to shoot back at the perpetrators. From this act, Sam was able to gain redemption from all of his previous sins. He awakens in heaven to join Hannah.

| 2007 | 1 hr 35 min | 5.4/10
Greg Bishop, Gregg Bishop
The Other Side

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