Thiruda Thiruda

Fresh printed bank notes to the value of an incredible 1000 crores are stolen in India from a train by the henchmen of a tough gangster Vikram (Salim Ghouse) living in London. Portly CBI Inspector Laxminarayan (S.P. Balasubrahmanyam) and the other CBI officers are assigned to track down the 1000 Crore Rupees worth of stolen currency from the Nasik Government Security Press in 10 days. The code card being the only way to open the container with the money comes into the possession of beautiful Chandralekha. On the way to Vikram she comes across the two thieves Kadir (Anand) and Azhagu (Prashanth) who are on the run from the police along with a village belle Rasathi (Heera Rajgopal). They prevented her suicide and are helping her run away from her ruthless uncle. After some attempts at cheating each other Chandralekha makes friends with the thieves. When she discovers that Vikram is after her for the money, she informs the three others about the real value of the code card. Who gets to keep the money for good forms the rest of the story.

1993 | 2 hr 20 min | 7.2/10
Thiruda Thiruda