Tickle Me

"Elvis as singing, swinging wrangler on a Dude Ranch... for Girls!"

This film features Elvis himself! Elvis sings and engages in the rodeo world on a ranch. The ranch hires Elvis to watch the place and make sure all is well all of the time. A woman in the ranch discovers she has a lot of gold coming her way and a lot of other people hear about this, too. Many officers in the town do not want to see this woman get the gold; it's not that she does not deserve it but they want the gold for themselves.

Elvis now has to deal with crooked cops and a girl that will go through anyone to get the gold that belongs to her. Elvis quickly forgets about the problems at the ranch and he starts realizing the more important things in life. Elvis has to choose sides of right and wrong and stand up for what he believes in everyday.

| 1965 | 1 hr 30 min | 5.9/10
Norman Taurog
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Tickle Me

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